CNEH Internacional
Who we are

The Neotropical Wetlands Training Center-Peru is composed mainly of specialists graduated from the Master program of Conservation and Wildlife Management from the National University of Costa Rica.

The members of CNEH-Peru, in addition to being in the same academic program, are specialists in wetlands with different focuses, allowing for an integrated vision.

The principal team of CNEH-Peru is composed of:

- Ph.D Federico Rizo Patrón (President CNEH-Perú)
- Ph.D Florencia Trama (Director CNEH-Perú)
- M.Sc. Elier Tabilo (Directos CNEH)

- M.Sc. Michael B. McCoy (honorific member)

- Dr. Edwin Vegas Gallo (honorific member)

- Ph.D Víctor Pulido (honorific member)

- Dr. Edwin Julio Palomino Cadenas (honorific member)

- Ph.D. Anjali Kumar (honorific member)

- M.Sc. Roberto Castañaro (honorific member)

Mission and Objectives



Our mission is

Promote the conservation and management of natural resources in Peru and bordering areas with an emphasis in wetlands by the development of training processes of community leaders, decision makers, professionals, technicians, government bodies, NGOs, academic institutions and community organizations; and in the development of projects that reduce poverty, social development, and the associated investigations of the wetlands. CNEH-Peru will work directly with the local actors, generating networks of cooperation and assuring transparency between all the participating actors.



Our main objective is

Promote an appropriate management system for natural resources with an emphasis in wetlands and encourage the reduction of poverty in the surrounding communities.





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