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The Neotropical Region is home to some of the most valuable wetlands in the world. A significant part of the population in this region depends directly or indirectly on this type of ecosystem. Human use has led to degradation at an alarming rate, which can be attributed to a lack of regulation and planning, as well as a failure to recognize the indirect use value of these wetlands.

The Neotropical Wetlands Training Center-Peru (CNEH-Peru) began in 2006 in celebration of one decade of the international organization. Since 1996, it has given more than 40 training events to approximately 2000 people in Latin America and the Caribbean. It has produced and distributed texts and educational materials for free to community leaders, students, members of government organizations and NGOs in Latin America and the Caribbean.


The CNEH and CNEH-Peru share the same institutional values and embrace the goal of horizontal cooperation for the conservation of natural resources with an emphasis on the diffusion and protection of wetlands.




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  The Proposed Society of Wetland Scientists South American Chapter – SWS- SA Chapter. Visit the webpage for the proposed Society of Wetland Scientists South American Chapter.




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